S-90 external blinds

The S-90 external blinds are truly among the best. They are a perfect combination of functionality, effectiveness and graceful design. They have excellent interior shading results, and with their rolled seal they, like the Z-shaped slats, also eliminate noise. In addition, they have an elegant, rounded S-shaped design. Their appearance is similar to that of roller blinds, which will be appreciated by those, who combine external blinds with roller blinds or roller doors on their house. If you are looking for a combination of elegant design and technological excellence, the S-90 blind is the right choice.

Advantages of S-90


  • fully sealable design
  • best shading results
  • appearance similar to roller blinds – optional combination
  • noise-free operation and noise-eliminating seal
  • optional operation (crank/motor)


operating method

  • crank
  • motor

    Greater convenience can be achieved by connecting to automatic sun/wind controls.


control typeminimum width of blindmaximum area of blinds
crank  400 mm 9 sqm
motor 600 mm 20 sqm
maximum width of blind 5000 mm
maximum height of blind 5000 mm
maximum width of connected blinds 8 m (motor-operated)


standard colors

colour nameRALvarnish
010 9003 S
071 VSR071 S
130 7038 S
140 9006 S
140H 9006 H
240 VSR240 S
716 7016 S
737 7037 S
780 SW205G S
907 9007 S
908 SW203G S
910 9010 S


colour nameRALvarnish
110 VSR110 S
220 6005 S
330 3004 S
502 5002 S
514 5014 S
721 7021 S
735 7035 S
DB703 DB703 S
905 9005 S

Try out how the colour looks on the slat by clicking any colour shade.

H - plain varnish
S - structural varnish
* - the RAL number is indicative only; it is the closest possible shade from the RAL range to the slat colour.


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