Powder coating plant

The powder coating plant with chemical aluminium material pre-treatment entered into operation in spring 2014. The powder coating plant’s capacity allows us to paint rails both for internal purposes of ŽALUZIE NEVA s.r.o. and for our external customers.



Maximum size of products:

Width:             1,000 mm
Height:            1,500 mm
Length:            6,000 mm

Maximum weight of products: 120 kg

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henkel pre-treatment

Our powder coating plant employs the chemical pre-treatment technology from company HENKEL, ensuring an environmentally-sound pre-treatment complying with strict quality requirements. The pre-treatment provides a very good corrosion protection of aluminium parts and guarantees excellent adhesion of the fired powder paint coat. This technology and its set up meets all requirements requested by quality assurance companies -  GSB International and Qualicoat.

chamber spray pre-treatment

The chemical pre-treatment of materials before powder coating is carried out in the spray chamber. The procedures and product dosing is PLC-programmed. The baths are applied to parts at high pressures, and the reverse cascade system is used for spraying. Products from company HENKEL are used for this technology and are certified by companies GSB INTERNATIONAL and Qualicoat. Acid deoxidation and degreasing of materials take place in the bath of BONDERITE C-IC ST and BONDERITE C-AD 0555. This is followed by a rinsing in clean water, before and after passivation with a conductivity under 30 μS/cm. For passivation and creating titanium conversion layer the product BONDERITE M-NT 400 is used.


Drying, powder coating, FIRING

After the chemical pre-treatment, the products are dried in the drying oven at 80–150°C. The parts are then transferred to the Sames manual powder coating booth where powder paint is applied. We use the powder paints from the world’s largest producers of powder paints - companies TIGER, IGP, AKZO NOBEL and others. All paints are certified according to GSB International and Qualicoat standards.

The entire surface treatment manufacturing process ends in a powder coat oven with direct heating at 170–200°C.


What we offer to our customers

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