ISO-KASTL – blind cover installed under the plaster

This highly variable, tailor-made case is ideal for preparing a space under the plaster for the subsequent installation of external blinds. ISO-KASTL has been developed to avoid heat bridges, make blind installation easier and to enable the easy and quick installation on any building including low-energy houses. It is made of 15 mm thick PURENIT and consists of 3 peripheral plates, two side plates and an aluminium finishing and mounting rail. The front plate has a fleece surface allowing for façade plaster cladding.

Advantages of ISO-KASTL cases installed under the plaster:

  • Excellent heat insulation
    • Very good adhesion to building materials
    • 100% waterproof
    • Stability of case volume
    • Formaldehyde-free
    • Inside size suitable for any type of external blind
    • Easy handling due to low weight
    • 2 variants – with and without heat insulation
    • Integral building element for the sandwich plate


Basic technical parameters


ISO-KASTL without heat insulation

ISO-KASTL with heat insulation

External width of case

160 mm

190 mm

Internal width of case

130 mm

130 mm

Width of heat insulation


30 mm


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