SOMFY motors

     Type  J4 WT

A motor with electronic end stops, featuring quiet operation, smaller size and the new security stop (disconnects winding in both directions).
The main advantage of this motor is the possibility to connect multiple motors to one switch. 
Power 6, 10, 18 Nm - end position setting with the Somfy cable or remote control and external Modulis Slim Receiver RTS.

     Type J4 RTS

Motor with built-in remote control receiver, power 6, 10, 18 Nm, this motor includes a safety end switch.
For RTS, the end stops can be set using the remote control. Option to save the preferred slat tilt and its easy recall with the “my” button on the remote control.

    Type J4 io

Motor with built-in receiver suitable for io-homecontrol® - automated home. Feedback function. Power 6, 10, 18 Nm Safety impulse switch functional for both running directions. Compatible with the TaHoma® system.


io guide

J4 io installer guide

J4 wt installer guide

j4 rts installer guide

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