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Product sheets:
- self-bearing system STF1
- self-bearing system STF2
- self-bearing system STL
- corner holder of guiding rail

Technical sheets:
- plastic guiding profile
- wall plug FDI 52

external blinds


- Z-90, Z-70
- S-90
- C-80, C-65
- F-80
- E-50K, E-50M

Dimensions for standard blind measurement and installation
Dimensions for E-50 blind measurement and installation
Instructions for external blind installation
Order forms - blinds, blinds E-50, cover sheets

Facade and self-bearing systems

Technical manual – facade and self-supporting systems
- facade blinds
- self-bearing systems STF 1 and STF 2
- self-bearing system STL
- STF system - cable holes - options
- STF system - mounting holes
- STF system - change of blind height - cut angle effect
Measurement of blinds with STF system
Dimensions for measurement and installation of facade blind with round guide rail
Instructions for facade blind installation
Order forms - fasade blinds, self-bearing system

ISO-KASTL cases and sandwich plates

Technical manual – ISO-KASTL, sandwich plates
- ISO-KASTL case
- ISO-KASTL case - corner connection
- sandwich plates
Order forms - ISO-KASTL case, sandwich plates

Components and accessories

 Complete overviews


Motors and electronics

Example of multi-level connection of blinds
Blind motor wiring diagram
motory Geiger
- GJ56 guide
- GJ56 Installer guide
- motor DuoDrive - technical sheet

motory Somfy
- io guide
- J4 io Installer guide
- J4 RTS Installer guide
- J4 WT Installer guide

motory Elero
- JA Soft Installer guide
- JAR Installer guide

Types of Somfy electronics (link to Somfy website)
Types of Becker electronics (link to Becker website)

assembly video

- Facade blinds
- External blinds, ISO-KASTL cases and sandwich plates


Horizontal section of the blind
Instructions for blind operation and maintenance
Jointing material for installation

Maximal blind dimensions
Wind resistance classification

Stock of slat coils - residual colours

General Business Terms and Conditions
Complaints Procedure
Shipping conditions

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