STF 2 self-bearing system

External blinds with the STF 2 self-bearing system are designed for mounting on the window frame. The blind with the guide rails form one unit mounted on the building at a time. In the STF 2 system, the sturdy guide rails of the blind are designed for mounting into the façade insulation, and the fasteners are also hidden. After mounting on the window frame, an aluminium or plastic backing is inserted in the guide rail to guide the guiding pins of the slats. This mounting system is easily customisable as the blind can be mounted with an aluminium cover, without a cover (The blind is hidden in the ready-made space under the façade.), or with an ISO-KASTL case used under the plaster.


This system is designed for external blinds up to 2,300 mm in width.
If this size is exceeded, the installer should provide additional brackets at the top of the blind. 

Difference between the STF 1 and STF 2 systems:

  • The guide rail of STF 1 is visible.
    • The guide rail of STF 2 is embedded (“underfaçade” variant), and a plastic or aluminium backing is inserted in it.

External blinds available as the STF 2 self-bearing system:

  • C-80, C-65 (C-shaped slats)
    • Z-90, Z-70 (Z-shaped slats)
    • S-90 (S-shaped slats)
    • F-80 with guiding profile (F-shaped slats)

Advantages of STF 2 self-bearing systems

  • Fast mounting of blinds and lower cost of mounting
    • Blinds manufactured according to the window dimensions, no need to wait until the façade is finished
    • Possibility for blinds to be mounted on windows by the manufacturer of the windows
    • Great possibilities to customise of the system (mounting with a cover, without a cover or with an ISO-KASTL case)
    • Optional distance of the blind from the window


operating method

  • motor

Greater convenience can be achieved by connecting to automatic sun/wind controls.

Základní technické parametry

Control type

Minimum width of blind

Maximum area of blind


600 mm

8 sqm (without additional headrail bracket)

20 sqm (with headrail bracket)


Maximum width of blind

2300 mm (for self-bearing system)

Maximum height of blind

3500 mm

Colour design of slats

Range of colours depends on a type of chosen slat (S, Z, C, F). Colour swatches can be found at each type of blinds.


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