Facade blinds

The facade blind is designed for verge-mounting on the building envelope. This installation method is used in buildings where blinds cannot be mounted in a standard way due to the low envelope (masonry) thickness or inadequacy of the substrate for standard installation.
The external blind is mounted in a self-supporting extruded case that forms the blind frame along with the round, sturdy guide rails. The blind can be mounted on the building only using special guide rail brackets. All our types of blinds with slat guides in guide rails, i.e. slats with guiding pins, can be used with this system.

External blinds available as facade blinds:

C-80, C-65 (C-shaped slats)
Z-90, Z-70 (Z-shaped slats)
S-90 (S-shaped slats)
F-80 with guiding profile (F-shaped slats)

Advantages of facade blinds

  • Attractive architectural element on the facade
  • No effect on heat insulation of the building (no heat bridges)
  • Installation without the risk of building leakage



Operating method

  • motor

Basic technical parameters

Control type

Minimum width of blind

Maximum area of blind


600 mm



Maximum width of blind

3500 mm

Maximum height of blind

4000 mm (depending on the case height)

Maximum width of connected blinds

8 m


The place for anchoring the façade blind brackets should be appropriate to the façade blind weight and load exerted by the mounted blind on the substrate. The width of the entire blind (with two guide rails) should not exceed 3500 mm. Multiple blinds may be connected on the condition the distance of the guide rails does not exceed 3500 mm.


colour design of slats

Range of colours depends on a type of chosen slat (S, Z, C, F). Colour swatches can be found at each type of blinds.

Standard colours

010 9003 S
071 8027 S
130 7038 S
140 9006 S
140h 9006 S
240 1015 S
716 7016 S
737 7037 S
780 SW205G S
907 9007 H
908 SW203G S
910 9010 S


110 1019 S
220 6005 S
330 3004 S
502 5002 S
514 5014 S
721 7210 S
905 9005 S
735 7350 S
703 DB703 S

Try out how the colour looks on the slat by clicking any colour shade.

H - Plain varnish S - Structural varnish
* - The RAL number is indicative only; it is the closest possible shade from the RAL range to the slat colour.



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