External blind E-50K

e50The E-50K external blinds with flat slat (50 mm width) have both a highly functional and aesthetic design that improves the appearance of façades and at the same time protects the interior from the sun.

Thanks to the flat shape of slats, the raised bundle of slats occupies considerably less space and thus has a reduced impact on the window compared to external blinds with slats with consolidated borders.

A strong guiding plastic-coated stainless steel wire with diameter 2 mm ensures the safe and fully functional operation of the blind.


The blind is controlled by an endless cord or crank handle.


The colour of slats – we offer 8 standard colour shades.

Basic technical parameters:

Maximum width of blind:  350 cm
Maximum height of blind: 300 cm

Type of blindMin. width of blindMax. area of blind
E-50K operation by endless cord 40 cm 5 m2
E-50K operation by crank handle 40 cm 8 m2

Lenghts of endless cords:

1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500 mm 

Material of blinds:

slats - aluminium, two-sided colour-adjusted, width of slats: 50 mm, thickness of slats: 0,23 mm  
upper profile - 40 x 40 mm of extruded aluminium (in white RAL 9016, silver RAL 9006 or elox) 
lower profile - extruded aluminium across width of slats (in white RAL 9016, silver RAL 9006 or elox)
guiding wire - stainless steel, coated with transparent plastics Ø 2 mm
cover plate
- bent 1,5 mm thick aluminium plate, in elox or in any colour according to the RAL colour swatch  
fabric supports and strips 
- special synthetic fibres, grey tilt tape, grey lift tape 6 mm