External blind C-80S

f80bCompared to blinds with guiding in guiding rails, the C-80S external blinds with wire-guiding create a lighter, more airy look to a façade.


A strong plastic-coated stainless steel wire ensures the safe and fully functional operation of the blind.


The blind is controlled by a crank handle or electric motor.

Greater convenience can be achieved by connecting to automatic sun/wind controls.


We offer slats in 19 colours and for orders with surfaces above 70 m2 we offer slats in any colour you choose.


Basic technical parameters:

Maximum width of blind: 350 cm
Maximum height of blind: 400 cm
Maximum width of connected blinds: 8 m (electric control)

Type of blindMin. width of blindMax. surface of blind
C-80-S operation by crank handle 40 cm 9 m2
C-80-S operation by motor 60 cm (52) 12 m2

Connecting blinds:

It is possible to connect more blinds to one control. However, if the motor is placed in the middle of the assembly, there is a maximum of 3 blinds to one control.
The additional rule that there may be at most 5 bearings (revolving mechanisms) on each side of the motor must also be observed.

Material of blinds:

slats - aluminium, two-sided, colour-adjusted, rolled into a C-shape with consolidated borders; width of slats: 80 mm
upper part - 56 x 58 mm of zinc-coated steel plate or extruded aluminium
lower part – extruded aluminium across width of slats,  in elox or any colour according to the RAL colour swatch 
guiding wire – stainless steel, coated with transparent or black plastics Ø 3 mm with spring and taking-up screw
cover plate - bent 1.5 mm thick aluminium plate,  in elox or any colour according to the RAL colour swatch 
fabric supports and strips – special synthetic fibres